Little Adventures Playschool

Welcome to Little Adventures Playschool. We are a year round Outdoor program that is Reggio Emilia Insspired, we encourage our children to be independent, critical, creative thinkers through nature immersion, stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, the children form a deep connection with the environment and natural world around them.
We believe that children thrive in an environment which values their own uniqueness, while providing support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and creatively by building on each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities, we guide each child to explore the world around them as well as develop new abilities and form close relationships with each other and nature.  


How are we unique?

I believe in nurturing children with a whole-child approach to provide room for growth and skill-building in all developmental areas. Children have an innate curiosity about the world around them that flourishes with child-led, emergent curriculum planning.

 Reggio Emilia Approach

Children are capable of constructing their own learning!

Form an understanding through their interactions with others!

Children are communicators!

Our environment is 3rd teacher approach

The adult is the mentor and guide

An emphasis on documenting children’s thoughts!

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Ages 12 months-5 years 

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

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